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4M Signs Agreement to Commercialize Plasma Oxidation

4M Signs Agreement to Commercialize Plasma Oxidation

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4M Signs Agreement to Commercialize Plasma Oxidation

Knoxville, TN (April 18, 2016) 4M Industrial Oxidation, LLC, a subsidiary of RMX Technologies, announced today that it has partnered with Mark Ward, Gordon Whitener and John T. Black to lead its fundraising effort to bring Plasma Oxidation technology to market. 4M’s technology enables the production of a high quality, low cost carbon fiber and will achieve full scale commercialization by 2018. Mark Ward will sit on 4M’s board of advisors.


Mr. Ward co-founded Global Sustainable Energy Group LLC (GSEG) that develops and finances distributed energy projects in the Caribbean, Americas and China.  GSEG has solar and distributed energy projects totaling more than 200 MW. In 2007, Ward and Mr. T. Boone Pickens/BP Capital formed Mesa Power Group in 2007 that developed renewable energy projects in North America. Mr. Ward continues to consult for BP Capital involving energy opportunities and an ongoing NAFTA arbitration with Canada for more than $750 million.


Mr. Whitener, principal of Whitener Company, served as Chairman and CEO of SportsMyx Holdings, LLC (SportsMyx), which owned Action Sports Media (founded by Microsoft founder Paul Allen) until late 2009. Prior to that he was President and CEO of Host Communications, one of the nation’s leading providers of affinity, multimedia, promotional and event management services to universities, athletic conferences, associations and corporations. Today, he leads Bespoke Sports Marketing along with partner and former PepsiCo president, John Compton.


Mr. Black, a serial entrepreneur, has a proven track record working with startups and early stage companies. He is currently co-founder of MMI Exports, an international trading company that has worked for Samsung in Korea, among others. He also co-founded Triple Threat Media with Terry Bullman, creator of Human Weapon on The History Channel. He has also helped startups launch and get funded on ABC television’s Shark Tank. Past experience includes work as Corporate Relations Officer and Charities Coordinator for Action Sports Media (SportsMyx Holdings).


Rodney Grubb, President of RMX, said, “We are excited to partner with Mark’s group to get the critical funding we need to achieve our vision of revolutionizing the carbon fiber supply chain.”


Truman Bonds, RMX Vice President for Development and Research, added, “I’ve been extremely impressed with the professionalism and expertise they have to offer. Not only is their involvement a game changer for our fundraising effort, but the connections they have will further expand our reach into industry.”


4M is raising $10MM in funding to complete commercialization of its plasma oxidation oven by 2018. 4M has also partnered with C.A. Litzler, Inc., which has committed its conventional oven expertise as well as its sales and marketing capabilities to promote and expand plasma oxidation.


Interest continues to grow from the carbon fiber industry to deploy 4M’s Plasma Oxidation Oven to meet the growing demand for carbon fiber.  Compared to conventional oxidation, Plasma Oxidation is 3X faster, uses 75% less energy, produces a better product, and when combined with a low cost precursor currently being developed with Dralon® GmbH, will save 40% on carbon fiber manufacturing costs.


About 4M Industrial Oxidation

Headquartered in Knoxville, TN as a manufacturer specialized in oxidation equipment, 4M has licensed RMX’s plasma technologies related to the oxidation of a variety of materials. With support from the U.S. Department of Energy, RMX has developed a revolutionary plasma-based carbon fiber oxidation technology and is supporting 4M Industrial Oxidation in commercializing this technology. More information is online at .