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4M Carbon Fiber Corp. Names Bonds Chief Technology Officer

4M Carbon Fiber Corp. Names Bonds Chief Technology Officer

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.March 15, 2018 — 4M Carbon Fiber Corp. (4M) announced today the appointment of Dr. Truman Bonds, co-inventor of atmospheric plasma oxidation for the production of carbon fiber, as the Company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). 4M recently announced a strategic pivot to manufacture low-cost carbon fiber using plasma oxidation and initiated oven design in 2017 while also starting fiber qualification activities. Dr. Bonds has been serving as director of 4M since April 4, 2017.

As CTO, Dr. Bonds will oversee the plasma oxidation technical aspects of the design, construction, commissioning and start-up of the industrial scale carbon fiber production lines. He will also oversee the fiber qualification program. Bonds has worked for several years with C.A. Litzler on the design of the commercial scale plasma oxidation ovens. This design is based on experience demonstrating the technology to international carbon fiber makers and operation of the industrial scale plasma oxidation test stand designed and built by Litzler and RMX Technologies, from which 4M licensed the plasma oxidation technology. Design of the initial production line is underway and site selection has been initiated.

“Part of my job is to assemble a world class technical team capable of building and operating the first-ever commercial scale plasma oxidation oven for the production of carbon fiber. We are well underway in making that happen. We added a PhD plasma engineer and other technical capabilities while we worked with the international carbon fiber producers to demonstrate the technology and minimize our technical risks,” said Dr. Bonds.

Rodney Grubb4M Chairman, said, “The carbon fiber makers consistently tell us that they know the technology works based on their testing. Now we have to scale it up, and Truman and the team he has put together are an important part of that plan.”

About 4M Carbon Fiber Corp.

Named for plasma, the fourth state of matter, 4M Carbon Fiber Corp. is headquartered in Knoxville, TN as a manufacturer specializing in using plasma oxidation equipment to make carbon fiber and oxidized PAN fiber. The Company holds the exclusive rights to commercialize an atmospheric plasma oxidation process that was co-developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (“ORNL”) and RMX Technologies, LLC (“RMX”). With support from the U.S. Department of Energy and ORNL, RMX developed a revolutionary plasma-based carbon fiber oxidation technology and is supporting 4M Carbon Fiber Corp. in commercializing this technology to make carbon fiber. More information is available online at

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