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5 Signs It’s Time for a Rebrand

5 Signs It’s Time for a Rebrand

A logo and a brand are not necessarily the same thing. A logo is a distinguishing mark of your company, while a brand is the idea behind a company. This can include a mission statement, how people feel towards your brand, and how you represent your company visually. Whether your business is five months old or five years old, there are certain indicators that can tell you when it is time to rebrand.

Rebranding is an important and often difficult decision to make, so here are a few clear signs that it’s time to freshen up your brand:

1. You have outgrown your brand.

If you built your company from scratch, odds are you never hired a designer to help you create a brand identity, logo, packaging, etc. Though this wasn’t an issue when you were starting out, if you are trying to expand or increase existing business now that you are established, it may be time to match the quality of your branding with the quality of the company itself.

2. Your brand is often mistaken for your competitor’s brand. 

There’s nothing wrong with having branding that is simple, but if your brand isn’t memorable – or worse, is too similar to your competitors – then you may want to consider rebranding.

Your brand should be a reflection of your company’s beliefs and ideas, so if you find yourself mimicking a different brand then you no longer exemplify beliefs that belong to your company.

3. You’re not attracting the right customers.

You may have an ideal target market of consumers, but do you seem to attract a different clientele than those you originally intended? If so, there may be a disconnect between your company and your branding.

Your brand tells your customers what to expect, so if your branding is misleading, you can actually be setting yourself back in terms of reaching ideal customers.

4. You aren’t proud of your branding.

You’ve worked very hard to create or work for a company that you’re proud of. So if your branding is something you’re embarrassed by, that’s a major red flag.

The same pride you feel for your company should be reflected in your branding, otherwise customers will feel that same disconnect and dislike towards your brand.

5. You want to rebrand, but don’t know how.

Maybe you read this list and realized it was time to rebrand, or maybe you already knew it. So now what?

Yes, there are plenty of free resources for a logo or website design, but you may find yourself realizing that old saying “you get what you pay for.” A simple logo re-design? Sure, you may be able to get away with doing that yourself or hiring your nephew to help. But if you want quality branding that will last and make you proud, it’s best to get a professional’s opinion.

The main reason to rebrand is to make sure your business’s goals and values align with your visual representation. Without strong and consistent branding, your customers won’t understand your brand, and thus your brand will lose the passion that you have worked so hard to create. Don’t let your branding fall to the wayside, contact MCG to learn more about our branding services.