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Unexpected Delivery: Aire Serv Tech Rushes Pregnant Woman to Hospital

Unexpected Delivery: Aire Serv Tech Rushes Pregnant Woman to Hospital


Chuck Morris
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November 8, 2012
Unexpected Delivery: Aire Serv Tech Rushes Pregnant Woman to Hospital

Aire Serv technician, Robert Deyo, anticipated another typical day on the job as he put on his uniform, prepared for his four service calls, and left home for his first appointment. What he didn’t know was that two weeks later he would be returning to the same home to finish the tune-up and meet a new baby girl named Caroline.

Deyo arrived at Michelle Johns’ home to repair a problem with her heating unit and administer a common fall tune-up. Everything was going as expected, but before he could start working, the eight-months-pregnant Johns’ water broke. Johns, who owns the computer repair company Geeks For Less, was not expecting to go into early labor. She was home alone while her husband was 30 minutes away working. She had to get to the hospital, and fast.

Without hesitation, Deyo stepped up to the challenge and drove her to Parkwest Medical Center in his Aire Serv van. Once they arrived at the hospital, he continued to assist her by pushing Johns in a wheelchair to the delivery room. En route, a nurse asked if he was the father. The increasingly pale Deyo answered, “No, I am just the HVAC technician.”

Deyo had only been working at Aire Serv, an air conditioning, heating and furnace repair company, for five months.

“The whole event was awesome,” Jack Mooney, owner of Aire Serv, said. “I was glad he was able to get her to the hospital in time, and I was very proud that there are employees like this working for us.”

Deyo is only 23 years old and has never had an experience like this. Deyo did what he had to do, because he knew Johns would be in trouble if he didn’t.

“Only two hours unfolded between when my water broke and when my baby was in my arms,” Johns said.

Thanks to Deyo and his ability to act in a moment of need, Johns delivered a healthy baby girl named Caroline. Johns and her husband sent Deyo a thank-you card with a gift to show their gratitude.

Two weeks later, Deyo returned to the Johns’ home to finish their fall tune-up and meet baby Caroline.