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Alignable: Why Your Small Business Should Be Utilizing This Platform

Alignable: Why Your Small Business Should Be Utilizing This Platform

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of LinkedIn. The popular business-to-business social media site is one of our favorites, and we love it when clients choose to bring their digital marketing strategy to the platform. 

However, no social platform is perfect. While there are many benefits to building a strong presence on LinkedIn, it certainly has its downside as well. With so many active users and companies on LinkedIn, it can be difficult for your business’ voice to be heard. Small businesses often struggle to create a strong following on a platform that is also used by companies like Amazon and Apple.  

That’s why MCG joined Alignable. Similar to LinkedIn, Alignable is a smaller-scale B2B social media platform that is specifically geared towards small businesses. Focused on referrals and generating word of mouth, the social media platform has some really cool features engineered to help your business grow, and connect with others like the following: 


Alignable makes it easy to network with other small business owners and promote yourself to the exact audiences you’re after. In fact, your profile allows you to set your audience and establish your “customer base.” This makes it easy for small businesses to work and grow alongside one another. Plus, Alignable’s My Network tool helps you discover businesses in your neighborhood and even filter results by industry or by new business which helps ensure you’re reaching out to active profiles. From there, you can import your contacts or import your contacts from LinkedIn to start making connections and send personalized messages to get to know small businesses in your area.  


Your Alignable profile leads with your business but allows room for much more than that. Show off your company’s team, products, services, and culture to other small business owners just like you. It’s an excellent way to show the world what you’re made of and what you have to offer. You can even recommend your favorite local businesses. As your business starts getting recommended, you can also receive a nice badge to add to your website, demonstrating trust, credibility, and authority. 

Plus, Alignable has a feature that allows you to run a promotion or sale, and will even alert your connections. This not only helps get the word out about your services but can also help you secure any leads and close deals with your network of connections.  


With a strong focus on B2B relationships, it’s no surprise that Alignable features a forum, perfect for business owners to discuss industry trends and seek best practices from other small business owners.  

The forum contains thousands of discussions from across the country. There’s also the local forum, where you can see the discussions that are happening in your community or specific industry. When your business chooses to engage in these discussions, you’re not only increasing general awareness of your business, but also your credibility. Alignable makes it easy for you to establish yourself as a subject-matter expert by providing a medium that’s perfect for sharing your experience and advice with others. Plus, you can gather advice from other business owners, on the forum, furthering your own expertise and knowledge.  

Alignable’s focus on building word-of-mouth awareness, referrals, and connections between small businesses makes it a valuable resource for any company. No matter how small your business, Alignable is the perfect space to connect with, learn from, and help other small business owners. It’s a great way to build relationships and establish local credibility.  

Already have an Alignable account, or are thinking about creating one?  Connect with us! We’d love to be a part of your network.