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It was there all along

It was there all along

Sometimes it takes an open house to open your eyes to your own environment.

It’s pretty standard that when company comes over, you clean up your place a little bit. As Morris Creative Group opened our doors last night as part of the tour for the East Tennessee Community Design Center’s celebration of Jackson Avenue, we were reminded of how wonderful our office space really is. It’s easy to take your surroundings for granted through the daily routine of emails, meetings, phone calls, and the ample distractions that keep us from pausing, looking around us, and appreciating the environment we are in.

So we spruced up the place, cleared our desks of the piles of notes, reminders, lists and sketches. As tour-goers wandered through our office with “oohs” and “ahhs”, we found ourselves also taking a step back and seeing the space anew. Morris Creative Group is a unique firm; full of inspiration, creativity and problem solving. Our work and our work space reflect that.