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ZDi Solutions, LLC Names Justin Sims VP of Sales

ZDi Solutions, LLC Names Justin Sims VP of Sales

Knoxville, TN (January 30, 2017)— ZDi Solutions, LLC announced today that Justin Sims has joined the team as the new Executive Vice President of Sales. Justin brings over 25 years of domestic and international sales experience with him, specializing in team building, business growth, and advertising and marketing management.

In his most recent role as Senior VP of the Commercial Division for DirecTV, Justin turned around the underperforming division, increasing sales from $150,000 per month to $3MM per month. He has also provided consulting expertise for AT&T, Comcast, Best Buy, Dish and more.

Justin is a Combat Veteran, and while serving in the United States Army, fulfilled three tours of duty overseas, including one in Afghanistan. He trained as a member of an elite Airborne unit, and prior to being honorably discharged, established a computer system which allowed troops on the front lines to more effectively communicate with headquarters.

“We’re thrilled to have someone as experienced and enthusiastic as Justin to lead the push into new markets,” ZDi Solutions CEO John Hawkins said about Sims. He added, “After receiving FDA approval for our Z-System™, both national and international radiation oncology communities have shown interest in our products and service. We think Justin is the perfect person to explore these new opportunities and reach our future goals.”

As ZDi’s Executive Vice President of Sales, Justin will be focusing on building a solid foundation of trust for ZDi’s clinics, physicians, and staff to ensure delivery of quality products that provide great patient care. He will also maintain a standard of excellence that ZDi’s customers and patients can rely on.

Sims said, “The interest shown by oncology professionals and experts in ZDi is a testament to their commitment to delivering superior medical devices and services. It’s an honor to be with a company that is involved with such groundbreaking work and I’m excited to see what’s in store next.”


Sims joins the rest of the ZDi executive team, including John Hawkins, Chief Executive Officer; Zach Dutton, R.T.(R)(T), Chief Design Officer; Tim Sykes, Executive Vice President; and Cheryl Turner, Ed.D., R.T.(R)(T), Chief Learning Officer.


Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, ZDi Solutions, LLC is an innovative patient positioning and immobilization device manufacturer in the radiation oncology market. The company has developed a line of unique patient-centered products that allow the radiation therapist/proton therapist to more efficiently and precisely prepare patients for different modalities of imaging and treatment. The Z-System™ devices increase the accuracy and constancy of the patient’s position for reduced risk to the patient during treatments. They also decrease liability for facilities, while providing better patient outcomes. More information may be found at

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