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February Favorites: Queer Eye, Ice Skating, and The Wombats

February Favorites: Queer Eye, Ice Skating, and The Wombats

February was a wild month at MCG. Winter (somehow) turned to spring and we even won a few Addy awards. Although most of us spent the month screaming about Mirai Nagasu’s historic triple axel at the 2018 Winter Olympics, we still want to highlight some of our other February favorites. Hopefully, something on this list will relieve your post-closing ceremony boredom. 

1. Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life…an album that will awaken your inner pop-punk.    

“My monthly favorite is the latest album of The Wombats titled Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life,” said marketing intern Maria Galkina. “The album combines solid basslines, a building up guitar solos, lucid British accent, and, of course, emotionally charged lyrics. It’s perfect for a car ride in the spring weather.”  

2. AnyList… an app for avid list-makers.  

“Being the intense list-maker that I am, this app has changed my life,” said designer Jessica Kelly. “I love the satisfaction of crossing things off a list. You can also create collaborative lists and share them with family and friends.” 

3. Queer Eye…a modern reboot of the iconic reality TV show.  

“I haven’t seen the original Queer Eye,” said content strategist Hanna Lustig. “But after bingeing my way through the Netflix reboot, I plan to buy every season on DVD. The show’s premise is simple: five fabulous queer men take one clueless straight man and give him a makeover. But Queer Eye is about more than improving physical appearance and personal style. The Fab Five take a holistic approach to each man, transforming his lifestyle, his relationships, and his self-confidence. And if you aren’t left weeping by the end of each episode, it’s official – you have a heart of stone.”

4. Curveball by Jeremy Sorese…a sci-fi graphic novel that depicts the duality of hope and delusion.

“Lately my attention span has been a little short for full-length books,” explained marketing intern Ross Landenberger, “so I decided to try out graphic novels. Jeremy Sorese’s Curveball is a beautiful, interesting, and human story about the intersection of delusion and hope. I finished it over the course of a week and it really reminded me how great reading is.”  

5. Adam Rippon’s Olympic Debut…an emotional free skate performance that set the Internet on fire.  

“There are a lot of reasons to stan Adam Rippon – his witty interview quotes, his outspoken politics, his adorable friendship with skier Gus Kenworthy. But even if you’re not familiar with Rippon’s media persona, you probably caught a glimpse of his moving debut performance in PyeongChang, South Korea. Skating to “O” by Coldplay, Rippon seemed to be flying around the rink, every gesture filled with grace and intention. It didn’t win him a gold medal, but it undeniably cemented him as one of the breakout stars of Team USA and the 2018 Winter Olympics.”

Watch his stunning routine here.

6. Black Mirror…the creepy Netflix original about a not-so-unlikely dystopian future.  
“Black Mirror has been around for a bit,” said marketing intern Andy Bowers. “But after hearing all the buzz, I finally decided to see what it was about. Now, I can see why there is so much hype around this series. I was skeptical about watching a show that didn’t have a clear, consistent narrative, but I have come to find that because each episode is different, you are more engaged and entranced during that hour-long storyline. The scenarios depicted in Black Mirror are terrifyingly possible, and it’s scary to think these plots could happen in real life. But in a sense, they already are.”  7. The Blue Print of We… an innovative tool for optimizing creative collaboration.

“My friends Maureen McCarthy and Zelle Nelson have long said that we enter relationships – business or personal – in a ‘state of grace,’ and we can choose to remain there or not,” said principal Chuck Morris. “By defining a ‘blueprint’ of the partnership up-front, we can navigate the sometimes tricky business of being human and interacting with other people. From this idea, The Blue Print of We website was born. There are lots of great tools and resources on the site, and I plan to make it part of our contracts going forward.” 

8. Target…a store we all love unconditionally.  

“My monthly favorite is a wonderful place called Target. This month I spent many hours there buying well, not really anything that I need,” said web developer Lindsay Loveday. “My favorite part of the store is the home section, where I found a number of amazing things this month, including a couple new trinkets for decorating my desk.”

So, what were your February #monthlyfaves? Tweet and comment your top picks. You might just see them featured in next month’s round-up!