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MCG February Updates: A New Hire, A Promotion, And A Tea Shop

MCG February Updates: A New Hire, A Promotion, And A Tea Shop

The new year brought some exciting news to MCG. So far in 2018, we’ve collaborated on several new proposals. We started using Asana, a life-saving project management app. We’ve been shaking up our social media strategy and blogging like crazy. And we even found time for a couple company outings to local hotspots like Maple Hall and PostModern Spirits. But most importantly, we welcomed two big changes to our staff.

Lindsay Loveday, Web Developer 

First, we awarded a well-deserved promotion to intern Lindsay Loveday, who now works at MCG as a part-time web developer. Lindsay attended Pellissippi State Community College, where she earned an associate’s degree in web technology. She is also certified in webpage authoring and e-commerce. When she’s not at MCG, Lindsay enjoys exploring downtown Knoxville and visiting the lake anytime she can. She’s a huge fan of country music and movies with fairytale elements. Ultimately, Lindsay’s goal is to run her own marketing agency. But for now, she’s working toward becoming a senior developer.  

 Fun Fact: Lindsay is an animal lover who hopes to someday own a farm or zoo for exotic animals.   

Ross Landenberger, Marketing Intern 

Last month, we also welcomed Ross Landenberger as our newest marketing intern. An Oak Ridge, Tennessee native, Ross attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where he earned a B.S. in business analytics. After graduation, Ross decided to intern with Morris Creative Group because he felt it would help him gain agency experience and broaden his copywriting skills. After work and on the weekends, Ross enjoys photography, skateboard, drawing, and watching movies. Right now, he’s listening to a lot of Rostam, The Dirty Projectors, Young Thug, and St. Vincent. His favorite movie is Rushmore. Ross is considering a variety of career paths at the moment, but he knows he wants to create and push content for major brands and companies. He also dreams of going to art school.  

Fun fact: Ross has a twin brother.  

Interested in becoming an MCG intern? We’re always accepting applications. Send your resume and portfolio to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you! 

 Oh, and by the way – a tea shop opened next door to our office. Welcome to the building, Jackson Avenue Tea. Check out their Facebook and Instagram, then come on by.