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Yet Another Change from Google: What the Product Review Update Means for You

Yet Another Change from Google: What the Product Review Update Means for You

Some things never change — Google keeping marketers on their toes is one of them. The December 2021 Product Review Update (PRU), the search engine’s most recent update, has already made notable changes in how product reviews rank within search results. A Google statement shared, “over time we have received more feedback from users on what type of review content is deemed trustworthy and useful, motivating us to provide additional product review guidance. Users have told us that they trust reviews with evidence of products actually being tested, and prefer to have more options to purchase the product.” 

Moving forward, in-depth product review content will increase rankings. These comprehensive reviews often include visuals, audio, or other media links that further share an experience with the product. Google sees this as a way to reinforce authenticity – which is something we know modern consumers expect. Now more than ever, customers are researching products while still in the purchase decision-making process, meaning these results can also impact purchase intention. Google has curated a list of best practices regarding high-quality product reviews. 

Make sure to routinely monitor your rankings, especially after significant updates. We recommend checking Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) changes with a tool such as the SEMRush Sensor. 

The MCG team is well versed in all things digital – including both organic and paid search optimization – and we’re constantly doing our part to stay in the know on the latest algorithm updates and best practices. In fact, we’re SEMRush and Google certified! Not sure where to start on your Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing journey? Let’s talk.