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HealthStar LLC Announces Advisory Board and First Board Member

HealthStar LLC Announces Advisory Board and First Board Member

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., (December 13, 2017) — HealthStar LLC, a healthcare software company focused on electronic visit verification (EVV) systems, is delighted to announce the formation of its advisory board and the appointment of its first member, Daniel Walpole. As a leader in Verizon’s Internet of Things (IoT) Resale Business Group, Walpole devoted countless hours to learning from key industry leaders and innovators. Along the way, he built partnerships that helped create a $200 million business pipeline for the telecom giant in just a few short years.

To HealthStar, Daniel will bring his industry knowledge, experience, and connections to pursue new, diversified vertical markets and forge partnerships within and beyond the healthcare sector. His focus is helping businesses transform massive data lakes into controlled and actionable intelligence that not only delivers value to customers, but also drives sustainable and profitable growth.

Walpole’s strategy also includes expanding digital transformation directly to consumers. As people across the globe spend more and more time on their mobile devices, it is crucial to perfect the technology that connects them to the things that matter most in their lives. In doing so, businesses empower consumers to use that technology when and how they choose.


About HealthStar LLC:

HealthStar was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee by Dr. Ed Breazeale. For nearly a decade, Breazeale has pursued technology solutions for the mitigation of fraud, waste, and abuse in the home health industry. Nearly $3.6 billion in personal care services were paid improperly in 2015, as estimated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

To reduce fraud and eliminate guesswork in Medicaid reimbursement, Breazeale designed HealthStar Visit, the first EVV solution of its kind. Unlike other systems, HealthStar Visit uses real-time verification and GPS technology to ensure complete transparency. In August 2017, Breazeale earned a patent for HealthStar’s unique features and innovative approach to EVV. Launched two years ago in Tennessee, HealthStar Visit is now available in Delaware and Iowa as well. “In the outpatient world, nobody’s watching,” Breazeale recently explained to the Knoxville News Sentinel. “If you’re cheating the patient or you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do, you’re not only cheating the patient. You’re cheating the system.”

How HealthStar’s patented technology works:

When a provider arrives at a patient’s home, they check in on the designated device and confirm their location. The software installed on the device contains the details of each patient’s prescribed care plan and which services are meant to be rendered. Each service has a specific, assigned time frame to ensure the provider does not skip a service. After completing the care plan, the provider checks out and a claim is created. Should the provider attempt to leave the residence and confirm services elsewhere, HealthStar’s built-in GPS technology will flag and reject the claim. In addition to off-location check-ins, HealthStar Visit’s real-time verification technology safeguards against the common practice of providers “rounding up” the amount of time spent rendering services. If a patient’s care plan is suppose to take three hours and a provider attempts to check out after one hour, the claim will be flagged for failing to meet the visit’s criteria. The result? A significant reduction in fraudulent claims and improper payments, decreasing overall health plan costs.


For more information about HealthStar LLC, its advisory board, and its patented EVV solution, please visit or call 865-357-8960.



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