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Interbrand Releases List of 2015’s Most Valuable Brands

Interbrand Releases List of 2015’s Most Valuable Brands

Interbrand has released its annual ranking of the world’s most valuable brands, and there was no surprise at first place. Apple topped the list with a brand value of more than $170 billion, with Google claiming second place at roughly $120 billion. Not surprisingly, tech companies have been dominating the list as of late, and claim 6 of the top 10 spots. To determine the most valuable brands, Interbrand examined each company’s financial performance and how their brand contributed to profits. Then they looked at how customers perceive the brand, and if the brand can cause the price of a product to be raised.

Some industries had a better year than others. The automotive industry (with the exception of Volkswagen) experienced a boom in 2015. Toyota, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Ford and Hyundai all saw moderate growth, while Nissan saw their brand grow by nearly 20%.  On the flip side, fast-food brands took a hit this year; McDonald’s and KFC were the only two from the industry to be mentioned, and they both saw about a 6% decline in value of their brands.

Lego moves in, Nintendo drops out

There were a few surprises on the list, however. Nintendo dropped off the list for the first time since Interbrand began tracking the subject in 2001. A major reason for this snub is that the game company has been slow to adapt to changes in people’s lives. The biggest example of this has been Nintendo’s reluctance to jump into the smartphone game market, which they announced they will enter in March.

One brand that made its first appearance on the list was Lego, coming in at the 83rd spot. Interbrand estimated the value of the Danish toymaker at just over $5 billion. Lego manufactured 60 billion tiny plastic pieces last year, and (boosted by The Lego Movie) sales across the world grew. Rebecca Robins, a director at Interbrand, said that the biggest reason for the explosion is that Lego is moving from being simply a toymaker to an entertainment brand.  “Lego is a brilliant example of a legacy brand that is keeping its proposition relevant by evolving the experience,” said Robins. Other first timers on the list include Mini Cooper, PayPal, Lenovo, and Moet & Chandon Champagne.

Facebook had the most growth of any single brand, growing roughly 54% in value from the year before. Interbrand Japan CEO, Yuki Wada, stated that the brands that increase their value the most are the same brands that are quick to adapt to changing trends in the market.

Every brand can learn a thing or two from the brands on this list, but the biggest thing to remember is that it is not stagnant. It is a constantly evolving part of business that must be continually tweaked and refined in order to stay relevant with your customers. While making the list of the top 100 brands may be a stretch, any company can benefit from the right brand messaging.