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January Monthly Favorites: AirPods, Party Tricks, and Winter Skin Saviors

January Monthly Favorites: AirPods, Party Tricks, and Winter Skin Saviors

Dear January: Please see yourself out. Between the freezing temps, the struggle to uphold our New Years resolutions, and the ongoing government shutdown, it’s been a long and tumultuous month for almost everyone. The good news? Our monthly favorites are filled with small luxuries to get you through your seasonal slump.

1. AirPods…earbuds that truly work like magic.

Principal Chuck Morris can’t stop raving about his AirPods. With a rechargeable case and a seamless user experience, AirPods were the most-hyped tech drop of 2018 for a reason.” I love that they’re wireless, and the sound quality is amazing,” Chuck said. “The downside? You look kind of like Shrek while wearing them.”

2. Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener…a handy tool that doubles as a party trick. 

Designer Katie Truppo found a game-changing gadget this month: a magnetic beer bottle opener. “It’s exactly what it sounds like,” Katie said. “Simply put the gadget over the bottleneck, push down, and the cap easily comes off. It’s easy-to-use and a great party trick.”

3. Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm Lip Balm…a miracle winter lip treatment.

“If your lips tend to crack – or worse, bleed! – in the winter, Dr. Dan’s lip balm will save you,” explained content strategist Hanna Lustig. “It’s a very basic formula, with one significant addition: 1 percent cortisone. I can’t explain why or how it works, but it does.”

4. Brickell…skincare products men will actually use.

“As a guy, it can be hard to get into a skincare routine,” explained marketing intern Nicholas Heim. “Brickell makes it easy by packaging all the basics into one, while taking really good care of your skin. I didn’t even realize how dry my skin was until I started using the aftershave and moisturizer.”

5. Becoming…the inspiring story of Michelle Obama.

Marketing intern Annie O’Brien admits she’s been “slacking on her reading game” lately in favor of Netflix binge-watching marathons. But now, she’s all about Michelle Obama’s new book, Becoming. “Even though I haven’t finished it yet, I’m easily breezing through it,” Annie said. “It’s an inspiring tale of Michelle Obama’s life starting from her childhood all the way to the inside of the White House, where she took on the role of First Lady. I definitely recommend to anyone who is in search of a new book to read.”

6. Billie…a female-first razor.

“Honestly, I was really skeptical about trying Billie razors, because I have been using Dollar Shave Club for so long,” said marketing intern Nicole Maestri. “But I am so glad I made the switch.” Designed specifically for women, Billie products are made with all natural ingredients, free of perfumes, and never tested on animals. “Their razors are surrounded by a smooth, aloe-based shave soap that eliminates the need for shaving cream,” Nicole added. “When you subscribe, you can customize how often you want your razors delivered and you can even skip a month, if you need to. The best part? For $9, your razor comes with a magnetic holder for your shower – without the pink tax.”

7. You…Lonely Boy strikes again.

Just about everyone in the office binge-watched You, including web developer Lindsay Loveday. Encompassing just about every genre from romance to comedy to horror, every episode of this series will leave you on the edge of your seat. “The whole time, you almost sympathize with Joe (aka Dan/Lonely Boy from Gossip Girl),” said Lindsay. “But every time you do, he turns around and reminds you he isn’t the romantic hero we want him to be. Even though the plot isn’t that believable, I am still very paranoid. I will definitely be watching season two.”

8. iXpand Base…the gadget that saves your life (and photos).

Office manager Sherrie DeMarcus received her monthly favorite as a holiday gift this season. “The iXpand Base is an iPhone charger AND automatically backs up photos, videos, and contacts while charging,” she explained. “The app makes the setup easy, and the cord storage is an added bonus.”

So, what were your January #monthlyfaves? Tweet and comment your top picks. You might just see them featured in next month’s round-up!