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July Favorites: Fancy Notebooks, Crystal Lite, and Natural Deodorant

July Favorites: Fancy Notebooks, Crystal Lite, and Natural Deodorant

July brought a heat wave like no other, but it also brought some fire monthly favorites. In this round-up, you’ll find everything you need to survive the end of summer: a suspenseful TV show, a refreshing beverage, an all-natural deodorant that actually works, and more.

Ready to beat the heat? Let’s dive in.

1. Crystal Light with Caffeine… the afternoon pick-me-up you never knew you wanted.

“My monthly fave is Crystal Light with Caffeine, specifically the grape flavor,” said web developer Lindsay Loveday. “These little guys are great for water drinkers that still crave a little caffeine. I love the traditional Crystal Light, but that little kick of caffeine makes all the difference. Oh, and they have great flavors to choose from, too.” 

2. Code&Quill Notebooks… notebooks for designers and creative professionals.  

Principal Chuck Morris reconciled with pen and paper after receiving a Code&Quill Notebook as a gift from account executive Wendi Love. “I carry it everywhere, and while I do mostly take digital notes, there’s nothing like the immediacy and feeling of pen and paper – especially fountain pen on paper!” he said.

3. Castle Rock…a show too scary to watch at night.

“Scary movies and TV shows aren’t usually my thing,” admitted designer Katie Truppo. “I was so intrigued by the Castle Rock trailer I had to branch out of my comfort zone. I am only one episode in, but this show is very creepy, and Bill Skarsgård, who recently played Pennywise in the new It reboot, is particularly terrifying. This show really draws you in with the plot and acting. Definitely learn from my mistake and don’t watch it right before bed.”

4. Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant… a natural deodorant that can withstand long, summer days.

After reading about the aluminum in conventional deodorants, content strategist Hanna Lustig decided to make the switch to all-natural. “For me, the month of July will be remembered as The Great Natural Deodorant Hunt of Summer ’18. But it wasn’t all roses and lavender from the start,” she confessed. “For most of last month, I straight up stunk (and the Tennessee heat certainly didn’t help). I tried brand after brand: Tom’s, Thai Crystal, Schmidt’s, Routine. Until finally, I found one that actually works! Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream keeps me dry and blissfully musk-free without having to reapply. It’s a huge victory for me, and all my colleagues, I’m sure.” 

5. CBD Tea…a warm cup of relief and relaxation.

Account executive Wendi Love has been obsessed with all things hemp – so much, in fact, that Jackson Ave Tea Company will be bringing hemp tea (also known as CBD tea) to Knoxville. Hemp is a superfood with so many benefits, including relief for stress and anxiety, pain and muscle tension, and even nausea. No wonder CBD is creating so much buzz.

So, what were your July #monthlyfaves? Tweet and comment your top picks. You might just see them featured in next month’s round-up!