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Your Marketing Spring Cleanup Done Right

Your Marketing Spring Cleanup Done Right

Is there any better time than Spring? Days are longer, birds are chirping and plants are waking up. Everything is changing for the better, and so should your marketing plan.

Here are a few tips to heat up your marketing for the rest of 2014:

1. Make sure that your website and social media profiles are all up to date. Is your website free of broken links and bugs? Are you managing  your social media channels properly?  Do you have a schedule for your posts, tweets, etc? If you have trouble managing your social media, there are services like Hootsuite that can schedule all your social media channels weeks or months ahead of time. If you take your business seriously on the web then others will take you seriously.

2.  Make sure that your goals match up with your marketing plan. Are your choices of media helping or hurting your marketing strategy? Set goals that are more clear and allow you to accomplish more in the short term with your marketing plan.

3. Make an effort to communicate better with your coworkers and clients. We’re all busy, but even a simple reply like, “I’m sorry I will be very busy today but I will contact you as soon as I can.” is better than no response at all, stated recently in a Harvard Business Review blog, “gratitude is the new willpower.”

4. Create a new format on one of your marketing channels. Whether it’s changing an email message template, updating a logo on a Facebook channel, or throwing your old website template out the door, do something that will shake your foundation just a little. As long as the change works with your marketing plan and not against it, then the change can be good and you may be surprised how many may notice.

5. Lastly, alter the way your office looks just a little. Our marketing intern, Casey, was recently tasked with re-organizing our printed work samples. After a few hours of grunt-work, the file cabinet looks happier and accessing our work is simple. It used to be a chore. Even re-arranging a couch and chairs is enough to refresh your workspace.

Happy Spring!