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MCG November Favorites: Fancy Briefcases, Falafel, and Fiona the Hippo

MCG November Favorites: Fancy Briefcases, Falafel, and Fiona the Hippo

Thanksgiving is over, but at MCG, we’re still contemplating all the things we’re grateful for this year. Of course, we appreciate our good health, our loving families, and our wonderful colleagues. But we’re also thankful for simpler pleasures like fine leather goods, delicious local fare, and yes, a certain baby hippo named Fiona. So grab a mug of hot cider and find a cozy reading nook. Here are our November #monthlyfaves.  

1. “Love This Giant” by David Byrne & St. Vincentan album that’ll add some funk to your holiday season. 

This month, MCG designer Jessica Kelly rekindled her love for this brassy 2012 pop release. “I loved this album when it dropped, but I’ve been listening to it a lot recently. I recommend it especially if you like the Talking Heads. St. Vincent and David Byrne are amazing artists individually, but their collaborations are fire.” 


2. Ghurka Leather Briefcases…luxury bags for the businessmen and boss ladies in your life.

Our principal Chuck Morris has an admitted “briefcase fetish,” and after checking out these sleek, timeless bags, so will you. They’re a bit pricey, but we encourage you to think of your Ghurka briefcase as an investment. The quality and craftsmanship of these sturdy leather bags ensures they will age beautifully and last you a lifetime.   


3. The Boston Celtics…a team worth rallying behind.  

“I grew up watching and playing basketball,” says marketing intern Andy Bowers. “I got into the Boston Celtics because of my dad and they have remained my team ever since. I actually had a baby onesie with the Celtics logo on it and I met Larry Bird when I was four. They are my favorite this month because they won 16 straight games and are currently ranked first place in the league!”   


4. Fiona the Hippo…the social media starlet we can’t get enough of.  

“This funny, adorable profile of Fiona the Hippo ran on the front page of the NYT Styles section this month,” says content strategist Hanna Lustig. “Fiona is a 10-month-old baby hippo who was born prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo this year. Because Fiona was born underweight, no one expected her to live. But today, she is happy, sassy, and thriving at 500 pounds. If this epic story of love, survival, and international social media fame doesn’t put a smile on your face, I’m not sure what will.” 


5. Yassin’s Falafel House…a local restaurant with an inspiring story  

Marketing intern Maria Galkina is obsessed with this local eatery and the incredible work its owner, Yassin Terou, is doing in our community. After fleeing war-torn Syria with his family six years ago, Terou moved to Knoxville and opened Yassin’s Falafel House downtown in 2014.  

“I love Mediterranean food,” Maria says. “And Yassin’s Falafel House is one of few places in Knoxville that keeps it authentic. It’s the perfect place to have a meal with your vegan or vegetarian friend. Plus, they play a killer playlist that includes artists like Depeche Mode and Radiohead. Yassin also hires a lot of refugees, which I think is awesome and makes up for their slightly overpriced falafel sandwiches.”  

                                                Photo Credit: Square, Inc. Blog 

6. Bright Red Haira fiery hue for winter.  

“I have been obsessed with intense red hair trend the past couple of weeks,” says web development intern Lindsay Loveday. “I have had my hair this color many times in the past and I have always loved it. This is my monthly favorite because I am sure my hair will be this color by the end of the month.”   


7. #VolTwitter…a social force to be reckoned with.  

“This month, I have been truly awed by the moment of reckoning our country is having with regard to sexual misconduct and the importance of taking these allegations seriously,” says content strategist Hanna Lustig. “Last week, Twitter-savvy Volunteer fans stopped Greg Schiano from being hired as head football coach at UT with the sheer force of their outrage. It was a bad look for UT Athletics, but an amazing look for #VolTwitter and the fans who protested on campus. It’s a testament to the democratizing power of social media and frankly, I couldn’t be prouder.”  

What were your November #monthlyfaves? Tweet and comment your top picks. We love trying out new products and trends!