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MCG October Favorites: Lady Gaga, Coupons, and Short Stories

MCG October Favorites: Lady Gaga, Coupons, and Short Stories

Fall is here and so are MCG’s October favorites. This month, our team found some incredible things to read, watch, and listen to. We also discovered a few apps that might just change your life. So curl up by a fire somewhere and read on. These picks will keep you inspired and entertained all season long.   

 1. Season of Storieshand-picked short stories delivered straight to your inbox 

Our principal Chuck Morris is always on the hunt for a good read. Right now, he’s loving a newsletter called Season of Stories. Each week, this clever series delivers a new short story broken up into four sound-bite sized email installments. Featuring works by acclaimed authors like Aimee Bender and Jenny Zhang, every installment is easy to start and finish in between meetings or on your lunch break. Did we mention it’s free?  


 2. Jessica Walsha creative force inspiring women (and men!) everywhere 

Our designer Jessica Kelly saw Jessica Walsh speak at HOW Design Live in Chicago and she’s been following this brilliant graphic designer and art director’s inspiring work ever since.  

“From her creative process to her work ethic, her fashion sense to the way she presents herself, Jessica is a huge reason I’ve become the designer I am today,” explained Jess. “She inspires not only me, but also a lot of women in design and is trying to break boundaries on the idea of men being the only group who can become art directors.” 



3. Flipboardthe daily news tailored to your interests 

MCG’s marketing intern Andy Bowers can’t get enough of this customizable news app. 

“Flipboard has helped me find great articles for work and for reading up about my hobbies. Whether I’m inside or outside the office, I can bookmark and save clips to read later. You can also create a ‘board’ of articles about any subject for quick reference.” 



 4. Momentan app that will break your screen addiction.  

“This app has been ruining my life lately, but in the best way possible. Moment tracks your screen time and sends you a daily report via push notification,” says MCG’s content strategist Hanna Lustig. “For me, the results were staggering. At my worst, I was spending three, four, even FIVE hours on my phone per day. Just think of all the things I could’ve done with that time – called my mom, cooked a good meal, gone for a run, written an extra blog post or two. I never thought of myself as someone who’s addicted to their phone, but the numbers don’t lie. The good news is, once you know you have a problem, you can address it. I’ve been a lot more conscious of my screen time lately, thanks to this insightful app.” 



5. “Out Loud” by Gabby Hanna…a song that you will put on repeat.  

For web development intern Lindsay Loveday, “Out Loud” has been her go-to October jam. “Normally when I find a song that I like, I eventually get tired of playing it,” Lindsay says. “That is not the case with this song. I have it on repeat on Spotify. I just can’t get enough of it.” 



 6. Honey…a browser plugin that will take your couponing game to the next level.   

Couponing just got a lot more modern. With this free web tool, there are no scissors and binders involved. “Honey is a great tool to save money,” says marketing intern Maria Galkina. “It’s a browser plugin that sends you a subtle notification about all available coupons for every e-commerce website you visit. With one click, Honey applies the most beneficial coupon to your cart.”



7. Gaga: Five Foot Twoa pop documentary for the ages.  

“This is the Lady Gaga Netflix documentary everyone’s been buzzing about,” explains content strategist Hanna Lustig. “And boy, it does not disappoint. If you love her already, prepare to fall even deeper into your obsession. But if you’re generally a Gaga cynic, prepare to change your mind. From heartbreak to chronic pain to the creative struggle of recording a new album, this gorgeous documentary captures Gaga in all her three-dimensional, five-foot-two glory.” 


What are your #monthlyfaves? Tweet and comment your favorite picks. We love trying out new products and trends!