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Our Fall Interns Are Killin’ It

Our Fall Interns Are Killin’ It

Guess what? We just hired a fresh crop of fall interns. Sierra, Lindsay, and Andy have only been working at MCG a couple weeks so far, but frankly, they’re killing it. We couldn’t be more pleased with the talent they’ve brought to our agency and the work they’ve done to help us.

Get to know these new names and faces. They’re going to do big things.

Sierra Plese, Design Intern

Originally from Georgia, Sierra has lived in Knoxville since middle school. Having already completed a B.S. in communications, she is now working on her B.A. in graphic design at the University of Tennessee. Her main interest is book and logo design.

Sierra discovered Morris Creative Group through a celebratory Christmas video the agency posted a few years ago. Intrigued by the friendly staff and small agency atmosphere, she decided to explore MCG’s culture first-hand.

When Sierra isn’t studying or working at MCG, she enjoys binge-watching Netflix and eating sushi with her friends. Her favorite TV show is BBC’s Merlin, and her favorite movie is Howl’s Moving Castle, an animated adaptation of the beloved novel by Dianne Wynne Jones. Sierra’s dream is to one day travel the world. Her adventure would start in Japan, where she hopes to immerse herself in new design concepts.

Fun fact:  Sierra once won a pumpkin eating contest. Thankfully, she didn’t stop loving pumpkin after the victory.

Lindsay Loveday, Web Development Intern

Lindsay attended Pellissippi State Community College where she earned her associate’s degree in web technology. She is also certified in webpage authoring and e-commerce.

A Knoxville native, Lindsay loves to explore the downtown area. Her ultimate career goal is to someday run her own marketing agency. But for now, she’s working toward becoming a senior developer.

Some of Lindsay’s favorite activities are fishing and spending time at the lake. She loves country music and movies with fairy tale elements. Fittingly, her favorite TV show is Once Upon a Time and her favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Fun fact: Lindsay loves animals, and she is a proud mom of five cats. Someday, she would like to own a farm or a zoo with exotic animals.

Andy Bowers, Social Media Intern 

Another UT graduate, Andy earned his B.A. in communications. He grew up in Elizabethton, Tennessee, and is a big UT fan.

Over the course of his internship with MCG, Andy hopes to grow professionally and learn more about the operational side of an agency. His career goal is to eventually become a social media and marketing director for an agency or athletic program.

Outside the office, Andy enjoys watching his favorite shows and cooking in his studio apartment. His favorite TV show is The Office, and his favorite movie is Interstellar. He loves listening to Frank Sinatra. Andy is also a huge tennis fan and he plans to see every major tournament.

A devoted foodie, Andy enjoys many restaurants in Knoxville, but his favorite is Knox Mason.

Fun Fact: Andy has not seen the entire Star Wars series. He watched only half of one movie, to be exact.


Interested in becoming an MCG intern? We’re always accepting applications. Send your resume and portfolio to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!