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MCG’s Favorite Things…

MCG’s Favorite Things…

Have you ever thought about why you are drawn to certain brands and products? Some of us at Morris Creative sat down and made a list of our favorite things. Each list was entirely different and unique to the individual it belonged to. These things are what make us unique and give a glimpse into what makes us tick.

But why are they our favorite things? It could be one or many factors: It works well, it brings back a feeling or memory, it is an action of habit, it is the cool thing to do…. The list is endless, but there is a lot more that goes into your decision making than you are aware of. Some of them may have been in our lives since we were young, and others could be recent additions introduced to us through experiences with friends and family.

So where does this tie into being part of a Marketing and PR Agency? David Ogilvy explains the importance of believing in the products you are representing. The best campaigns are built from people who have something genuine to say about the brands they are working with. If you are truly passionate about the product, then you can create connections with the consumer, which will have flow-on effects that can lead to all kinds of wonderful opportunities. Our diverse team is made up of people with different likes and interests, which makes us a well-rounded team for our clients. Glance through the list of our favorite things and take the time to make one of your own.

Joyanna (Design Intern)

Good Conversation

Good Coffee

Sea-foam Green

Pinterest & Instagram

My big yellow couch

Jane Austen Novels

Watching Japanese cartoons with my husband

Clever solutions

Swing Dancing

Exploring a new city

Kellie (Graphic Designer)

My neck pillow


Overseas travel

My camera

Pantone 320 U

Haribo Gummy Cherries

Number 4

Jets Pizza


Downtown Nut Brown from DTGB

Molly (Advertising Intern)

Interior Decorating (West Elm)

When people make me laugh

Essie nail polish


Finding money in my pockets


Urban Outfitters



Santiago Huckleberry Voluspa candles

Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade

Driving with the windows down listening to music


Chuck (Principal)

My iPhone

My MacBook pro

My iPad

Starbucks coffee

UT football


Knoxville Ice Bears

Modern interior design


Fountain pens

Big screen TVs

Litespeed bicycles

Mad river canoes

The north face

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Sherrie(Office Manager)




When my nieces come to stay with me


My dog Shushie

Unique pens

Out of Africa (movie and theme music)

Candy corn

Aroma of chocolate-chip

Matt(Design Intern)


Collecting acorns

Crying myself to sleep

Making moments awkward

Perfecting my speling

Kyle (Graphic Designer)

The Olympics and moments of triumph

West Virginia and Robert C. Byrd

Magazines, Newspapers & Journalism

Kayla Queen

Summer and Blackberries

Christmas and America

Country drives with the windows down

New York City and The Great Gatsby

Old movies and Katharine Hepburn

My friends and family


Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”

Elections and Hillary Clinton

Coffee and coffee mugs

Maps and traveling

Jaques (Creative Director)

My bunnies


Visiting my homeland, South Africa

Riding road and mountain bikes

Organic cooking/BBQ

Home improvement projects

Flying and building planes

Meridith (Design Intern)

Dark denim


Leftover sand

Clean sheets

Climbing trees

Free throws


Antique furniture

Tara (Design Intern)

Playing competitive badminton

Waking up to already made coffee

Eating Californian donuts

Authentic food

Finding jeans that fit

Driving with the windows down
Favorite places: the Bay Area, intellgentsia cafe, trains to big cities, Bangkok