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Meet The Interns

Meet The Interns

Olivia Rothermel


Olivia is a junior at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville majoring in Advertising with a dual minor in Business Administration and Psychology. Olivia chose to study Advertising because of her love of creativity (and TV’s Mad Men) and her desire to work outside the box. Olivia is interested in the tie between Psychology and Advertising, and how they complement each other. The close-knit atmosphere and involvement in many projects is what led Olivia to MCG, and she hopes to further develop applicable skills for her future in the industry and facilitate her love of advertising.

Born and raised outside Philadelphia in eastern Pennsylvania, Olivia has enjoyed her time in Knoxville for school and exploring all that it and the surrounding areas have to offer. After graduation, however, she wants to go back up north to work in New York to get back to the big-city atmosphere she’s missed while being down south.

When not at MCG, this music enthusiast spends her free time finding new music, looking for the next concert to attend or watching movies and Saturday Night Live reruns on Netflix with friends.

Krista Gilbert


Krista is a junior majoring in Advertising at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville while also minoring in Business Administration. She chose Advertising for her passion of creativity and her desire to contribute new ideas. She came to MCG to put her talents to use and grow as a student, aiming to work in an advertising agency in Nashville, Knoxville, or Atlanta, GA after graduation.

Krista was born in Hendersonville, TN, right outside Nashville, and hopes to eventually return home to work in advertising for the wonderful world of country music. In her spare time, Krista likes to play volleyball (to relive her high school glory days), as well as eat queso with her best friends while watching Disney movies.