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October Favorites: Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Haunted Corn Mazes, and Canned Cocktails

October Favorites: Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Haunted Corn Mazes, and Canned Cocktails

October has come to an untimely end, but at MCG, it’s always spooky season. This month, our staff discovered some devilishly addictive things to watch, buy, and try. We even found the perfect Netflix show to binge-watch on Halloween. Grab a bag of candy corn and summon a few spirits for company. We’ve got all the thrills and chills you need. 

1. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina…the Netflix reboot we’ve all gone batty for.

Need something slightly Satanic to watch on Hallow’s Eve? Look no further than The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, starring Mad Men veteran Kiernan Shipka. Design and development intern Emily Breeden watched the witchy new series in one weekend, and we can’t blame her. It’s dark, quirky, and it’s downright delightful. “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the new Netflix adaptation of Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” Emily said. “The 2018 reboot is scarier than the original TV show we all knew as kids, but I loved it.”

2. Haunted Corn Mazes…the ultimate Halloween activity.

“To get into the holiday spirit, my monthly fave is the Maple Lane Farms Haunted Corn Maze,” said marketing intern Annie O’Brien. “I’m the type of person who loves all things scary, especially around Halloween. Located in Greenback, Tennessee, the Maple Lane Farms Haunted Corn Maze is an easy 30-minute drive from Knoxville. They also have other activities, including hay rides, a pumpkin patch, and inflatables for people of all ages. I definitely recommend going to this corn maze if you enjoy a good adrenaline rush, fried fair foods, and classic fall fun!”

3. Pickers Crafted Cocktails…delicious mixed drinks you can take (almost) anywhere. 

“I tend to be a purist when it comes to cocktails – shout out to gin and tonics! But I recently tried the new Crafted Cocktails from Nashville Pickers and I am sold,” said designer Katie Truppo. “These canned cocktails are made with real fruit and Pickers vodka, which makes them very flavorful without that nasty malt liquor aftertaste. My favorite is the Lemon and Blues, because it’s tart, but the Music City Mule is delicious for those who like sweeter drinks. Pour them over ice for best results!”

4. A Star is Born…the biggest emotional knock-out of the year.

“My monthly fave is the new A Star is Born remake featuring Lady Gaga in her first starring role and Bradley Copper in his directorial debut,” said marketing intern Nicole Maestri. “This movie received a lot of rave reviews this month, but it somehow managed to not only live up to, but transcend the hype. I’ve already seen it twice, and it was even better the second time around. I’ve had the album on repeat since I left the movie theatre. Whether you typically enjoy musicals or not, you must go see it.”

5. Quip…the perfect electric toothbrush, delivered to your doorstep.

Content strategist Hanna Lustig broke down and purchased a subscription to Quip, a subscription service for oral hygiene, after being hounded by ads on social media. “Now, I have Instagram’s clever algorithm to thank for my affordable and beautifully designed electric toothbrush,” she explained. “I never realized how painful it was to use my trusty Sonicare toothbrush until I tried Quip. The best part? Quip sends you a new battery, brush head, and bottle of toothpaste every three months – just as your dentist would want!”

6. FitBit Versa…a fitness-friendly smartwatch.

Web developer Lindsay Loveday can’t stop obsessing over her new FitBit Versa. With the ability to track heart rate, play music, access personalized workouts on the screen, and view messages and phone calls, this watch has everything you need plus four days of battery life on a single charge. “It’s my lifeline, and I wouldn’t be able to function properly without it,” Lindsay admitted.

7. Designated Survivor…an all-American mystery.

Lately, principal Chuck Morris can’t stop watching this Netflix political thriller. In Designated Survivor, Kiefer Sutherland plays President Kirkman, who is thrust into the role of leader of the free world after the capitol is bombed during the State of the Union speech,” explained Chuck. “The president, his cabinet, and every member of Congress was killed in the attack, and now Kirkman has to keep the country from turning to chaos. While it’s a bit over-acted, it combines two of my favorite things: whodunnit and politics.”

So, what were your October #monthlyfaves? Tweet and comment your top picks. You might just see them featured in next month’s round-up!