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Our Favorite Ads from the 50th Super Bowl

Our Favorite Ads from the 50th Super Bowl

With an audience of over 114.4 million viewers, Super Bowl Sunday, according to top brands, can sometimes feel like Christmas when it comes to advertising. This year’s game was celebrated as the 50th anniversary, making the competition and pressure for a perfect commercial at an all time high. 52 brands purchased air time for the Super Bowl this year, paying the host network, CBS, a minimum of 5 million dollars per 30 seconds of each commercial. This was an increase from 4.5 million dollars per 30 seconds last previous year. With millions of dollars spent for just seconds of exposure, the rivalry for the best advertisement of the year yielded some fantastic commercials. Take a look at our favorite ads from this year’s game ranging from ridiculously funny to extremely informative.

1. Hyundai, “First Date” ft. Kevin Hart

Featuring an overprotective father, Kevin Hart, Hyundai exhibits their “Car Finder” technology. Hyundai depicts an extreme version of what it is like growing up with an overprotective father, reaching massive client relatability.

2. Shock Top, “Unfiltered Talk” Ft. T.J Miller

T.J Miller talks with a live version of Shock Top’s orange mascot in this harsh, yet hilarious conversation.

3. Doritos, “Doritos Ultrasound”

Doritos creatively showcases the desirability of their Doritos featuring an unborn fetus and a slobby husband. We didn’t know whether to scream or laugh out loud at the end, but we loved it.

4. Heinz, “Weiner Stampede”

Weiner dogs in hot dog costumes? What more could we ask for this year. Playing on the real life Heinz characters introduced in last year’s Super Bowl ad, Heinz used this adorable weiner stampede to introduce new characters such as BBQ sauce and Sriracha Ketchup.

5. Campbell’s Chunky Soup, “This one’s for Mom”

Taking a break from the humorous ads, this one hits home like most Campbell’s ads do. We love the message and we love the way it was filmed. Great visuals.

6. Colgate, “Turn the water off”

Another great advertisement with a serious tone. Colgate reminds us how fortunate we are in this stunning portrayal of the water we waste during every day activities.

7. Avocados from Mexico, #AvosInSpace
Taking another hit at the American culture, #AvosInSpace is a hilarious follow up promoting year round avocados from Mexico in their commercial similar to theirs from the Super Bowl last year.

8. Hyundai, “Ryanville” ft. Ryan Reynolds

Hyundai has another fantastic Super Bowl ad promoting their Hyundai Elantra with an automatic break system incase of any “distractions” that life may through at you. (If you haven’t caught on, Ryan Reynolds serves as the ultimate distraction)

9. Skittles, “The Portrait”
In Skittles second Super Bowl ad, Steven Tyler does a great job competing with his own self-portrait in a sing-off to “Dream On.” What a creative way to taste the rainbow.

10. Mountain Dew Kickstart, “Puppy Monkey Baby”
Last but not least, of course we are going to throw in “Puppy Monkey Baby.” This ad promoting their new Kickstart beverage combining three new flavors combines the three other things: a puppy, monkey and a baby. Was it a disaster or a hit? You decide, either way it went viral.

Do you think these ads were worth $5 million or more? We think this year’s Super Bowl was one for the books. Let us know which commercials were your favorite by commenting below. Let’s talk!