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P&G Olympics Commercial Has Us Tearing Up

P&G Olympics Commercial Has Us Tearing Up

Thank You, Mom

Procter & Gamble hopes to be known as the “Proud Sponsor of Moms,” and this commercial for the 2016 Summer Olympics has us a little teary-eyed. Procter & Gamble is the parent company of many well-known brands such as Pampers, Tide, Oral-B and many others used in day-to-day activities. To view the roster of P&G brands, click here. A majority of their advertising targets moms because, in most households, they are the ones who make decisions on products like diapers, shampoo, bath tissue, and toothpaste.

P&G chose an emotional campaign for both the Winter and Summer Olympics. They want us to appreciate the mothers who have helped their children make it to the Olympics, not just the athletes themselves. This commercial’s focus is moms of young athletes as the voices of calm and reason in the face of a natural disaster, and how these athletes, now Olympians, are using the same courage their moms taught them in various other nerve-racking moments in their lives to perform their best in the Olympics. The message is: “The choices moms make can build champions.”

Will choosing Tide as your laundry detergent get your child closer to the gold medal? We’re going to have to say probably not. However, the emotional attachment associated with this commercial may influence us more than we would like to believe.

Well done, P&G. Now pass the Puffs.