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ClaiHill Farm

ClaiHill Farm


ClaiHill Farm, located in LaFollette, TN, is a charming event space and vacation home. Though not lacking in beauty or history, overall awareness of the property was lacking. ClaiHill Farm needed to generate awareness of the home and its full amenities and capabilities, from weddings and bridal showers to corporate events and overnight stays.


To better showcase the parties and events hosted at ClaiHill Farm, inbound marketing was used to create buzz-worthy content offers and social media posts. In addition, MCG redesigned the ClaiHill website to highlight the space’s unique value and offerings. MCG also assisted with planning the ClaiHill Farm booth at the 2018 Pink Bride Tradeshow in Knoxville where future brides were able to learn about the venue. MCG managed the event planning, booth decor, and designed special print pieces and giveaways for
the event.