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Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee

Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee


Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee provides over 18 million pounds of food annually to those experiencing food insecurity across an 18-county region. With one in seven East Tennesseans struggling to meet basic needs, Second Harvest has made an immense impact through their ongoing community programs and fundraising efforts.

Second Harvest came to MCG seeking a fresh look and an improved user experience for their website. In addition, Second Harvest recognized the limitations of the traditional food drive. In order to increase donations by reaching a broader audience with an efficient process, Second Harvest partnered with Morris Creative to bring the time-honored tradition of a food drive to the digital world.


Together, we created a responsive website that allows users to navigate the site seamlessly and donate immediately. This redesign contains a new color scheme, an animated menu, eye-catching photography, story-telling infographics, an interactive pantry locator, and an event calendar integration. We collaborated to create a web-based software application that allows food banks to manage food drives online, provide a service for organizations and individuals to create their own personalized food drives, and make the donation process engaging and competitive for users. The application allows Second Harvest to run as many simultaneous food drives as they like and provides the option for a food drive with teams in order to create a competition amongst organizations or individuals.