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RMX Introduces New Technology

RMX Introduces New Technology


Agency Contact:
Chuck Morris
Morris Creative Group LLC

Company Contact:
Truman Bonds

Company Introduces Plasma Oxidation Technology That Produces 600ksi Carbon Fiber for 40% Less; Seeks Commercialization Partners

Knoxville, TN (December 2, 2015) RMX Technologies announced today that Truman Bonds, Vice President for Research and Development, will present at Composites World magazine’s CW 2015 Carbon Fiber conference, December 8-10 in Knoxville, TN. His presentation, entitled, “Commercializing Plasma Oxidation: 75% Unit Energy Savings with 3X Greater Throughput and Better Properties” will detail how RMX is commercializing their patented plasma oxidation process and will identify opportunities for strategic partnersto accelerate the schedule. Bonds will outline how 600 ksi carbon fiber at a cost of $7 per pound is possible in 24 months.

Worldwide, auto manufacturers project a market moving from 350,000 of tons of carbon fiber per year to over 500,000 tons per year from 2020 to 2025. This capacity increase will require growth in the industry as never seen before in its history.

4M Industrial Oxidation, an RMX subsidiary, is responsible for commercializing the technology.

Bonds said, “This is revolutionary technology, and we have already started our commercialization efforts. Right now there is a window of opportunity for end users and carbon fiber manufacturers to become strategic partners of 4M to accelerate the timetable.”

The patented 4M plasma-oxidation process will be key in the market expansion, as it operates more than 3 times faster than current commercial technology and uses less than 25% of the energy per pound of fiber, also making it a “green” process. 4M will obtain income from process equipment sales, as well as royalty payments from carbon fiber manufacturers using the 4M technology. The market will continue to grow in aircraft, automotive, wind energy, and building products far beyond the 500,000 tons/year.


Carbon Fiber 2015 is the preeminent conference on carbon fiber and the expanding role of this material in the composites industry. The conference offers cutting-edge information and access to industry experts in streamlining manufacturing costs, market outlooks and forecasting, and more. More information is online at: .


Headquartered in Knoxville, TN as a materials science technology company, RMX’s core technological platform is in the development of specialized plasma-based solutions to industrial challenges. RMX has developed several innovative plasma generation systems that utilize proprietary techniques and hardware. With support from the U.S. Department of Energy, RMX has developed a revolutionary plasma-based carbon fiber oxidation technology and is supporting its subsidiary, 4M Industrial Oxidation, in commercializing this technology. More information is online at or .

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