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#SaveTheRainbowFlag: An AR Filter Dedicated to Pride Advocacy

#SaveTheRainbowFlag: An AR Filter Dedicated to Pride Advocacy

Hope shines brightly just in time for Flag Day as the Gilbert Baker Foundation, in collaboration with Innocean USA, takes a courageous stand with its newly launched #SavetheRainbowFlag campaign. Leveraging the power of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, this initiative empowers individuals to raise virtual Pride Flags in locations where they have been banned. SMG Charlotte, the sister company of Morris Creative Group, joins this movement by introducing an app designed to support Innocean in their quest for unity.

What is #SavetheRainbowFlag?

The cornerstone of the #SavetheRainbowFlag campaign is an Instagram-based virtual AR filter developed by Innocean in partnership with the Gilbert Baker Foundation. This powerful tool allows anyone with a mobile device to raise virtual Pride Flags at government buildings, especially in locations where the physical flag has been banned. Individuals can capture images and videos by placing a virtual Pride Flag in front of City Halls, schools, or any significant location, spreading awareness through social media using the hashtag #SavetheRainbowFlag.

A Piece of the Bigger Picture

The virtual AR filter is only one aspect of the wider initiative led by the Gilbert Baker Foundation. Committed to empowering communities facing flag bans, the foundation has developed a comprehensive toolkit to assist local activists. This toolkit equips individuals with resources to take action, including guidance on testifying at city council and school board meetings and engaging in civic discussions to reverse or prevent future bans. Victories in California, New Jersey, and Florida have already been achieved through the utilization of these tools.


With a simple button click, Instagram users can raise pride flags wherever they want. It’s an effective and easy way to raise awareness, and we encourage you to try it out for yourself!


We are proud to be a sister company of SMG Charlotte and look forward to seeing what sort of initiatives creativity and marketing can inspire in the future.