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Shake it like an Instagram picture

Shake it like an Instagram picture

How do you go from zero to $1 billion in less than two years? Just ask Instagram, the addictive photo-sharing mobile app that was bought by social behemoth Facebook last week. The tech world is abuzz with the new acquisition, and so are Instagram users.

If you are not one of the 30 million worldwide photo-snappers, you might not get it. What’s the big deal? Well, here’s the magic of Instagram.

You know that feeling when you look at old photographs—that wave of nostalgia when you see the rusty reds from the 70s or the hazy glow of beach pictures from the 60s? The rounded corners of old black and whites from generations before? That’s what Instagram captures. It morphs your harsh, overly sharp digital images of today into warm, Polaroid-like snapshots worthy to share.

As far as business marketing, Instagram offers another opportunity to connect with your audience. The Instagram interface is streamlined, and users aren’t distracted with ads, pokes and retweets. These photos can capture your brand in ways other social media outlets cannot. This is especially true for companies that promote a lifestyle—magazines, shopping boutiques, micro-breweries and the like.

We know some Instagrammers are crying foul that their favorite social media sold out, like they just heard their cherished indie band playing on a McDonald’s commercial. Some are vowing to delete their accounts and never return to photo-filter land, but not MCG.

We just joined the Instagram party a few weeks ago, and we love the idea of sharing a little bit of our crazy culture. (Our favorite filter: Lomo-fi with the border). If you are looking for someone new to follow, you can find us @MorrisCreative on Instagram.


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