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LinkedIn Showcase Pages for Dummies

LinkedIn Showcase Pages for Dummies

LinkedIn has a feature called “Showcase Pages”, and they can be one of your company page’s best friends if used correctly. But before we talk about how to use them, let’s first talk about what they are.

Showcase pages are a way for companies to highlight a specific brand or product of their company. For example, Microsoft has their company page on LinkedIn, but Microsoft offers a wide range of products. So rather than sharing information for each one of their products on their company page, they have created showcase pages to reduce the clutter in their followers’ newsfeed. If you’re a big fan of Microsoft Office, but don’t care for their Surface tablets, you can follow their Office page and you won’t have to see posts relating to Surface. This is a great way for business to reach distinct audience segments.

Microsoft’s LinkedIn Page

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Microsoft’s Showcase Pages

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Microsoft Office’s Showcase Page

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As you can see, these showcase pages are essentially subpages within the company page, and each company can have up to ten different showcase pages active at one time.

They are most useful for:

  • Product announcements
  • Industry news
  • Links to blog posts
  • Targeted audiences who need specific messaging
  • Companies with many different products

Showcase pages aren’t great for smaller companies for a few different reasons:

  • Your showcase page will start out at 0 followers, meaning you have to rebuild your entire following.
  • Since the showcase pages are separate from the company page, you will have to update them all separately, ultimately doubling your time spent on managing your LinkedIn pages.

Showcase pages can benefit your business greatly because of the ability to deliver messages to specific targets, but aren’t the best idea for small-to-mid sized companies who don’t have the resources to update all the pages independently.

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