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Spring 2020 Advertising Review: MCG Favorites

Spring 2020 Advertising Review: MCG Favorites

This has been a hectic year, to say the least. With an overwhelming amount of change around the globe and in our personal lives, nothing seems the same as it was in December 2019.  

However, amidst all the chaos, there are still moments to celebrate. For marketing lovers like ourselves, this year brought some excellent advertisements. From comical Super Bowl commercials to messaging surrounding COVID-19, companies are executing advertisements at both humorous and emotional levels. Showcasing some that cued tears or laughter, here are our favorite ads of the season.  


Accumulating almost 62 million views on YouTube since its Super Bowl premiere, this commercial quickly became one of the most-popular and creative of 2020.  

For starters, this extremely entertaining ad evokes the same emotions that a series of comedy sketches would. Each sketch serves as a parody of a specific historical period and is written uniquely. In fact, each sketch could be separated and run as its own advertisement, providing Amazon with a grounded, never-ending campaign.  

However, this one isn’t just all laughs–it’s also very informative. Each scene showcases one of Alexa’s many features, from turning on your heat at home to telling a joke. Aside from the commercial’s opening moments, you never actually see an Alexa device; but by the time it ends, you know exactly what Alexa is capable of doing.  


It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has drastically transformed the way people work and live, leaving both individuals and companies scrambling to find new ways to advertise. Many companies shifted their marketing strategies to reflect current events, resulting in an overwhelming number of Corona-inspired ads.  

While many brands chose to take an emotionally-driven approach, Progressive stood its ground by continuing the hilarious and relatable skits its known for. In the commercial, Flo and her coworkers are seen during a team meeting via a video call that quickly goes wrong as they experience one technical difficulty after another. As many viewers were familiarizing themselves with new technology like Zoom, a work-from-home necessity, this commercial proved to be relatable as well as a source of comic relief. Overall, Progressive demonstrated a perfect way to adapt messaging to stay relevant without losing brand voice or blending in with the crowd.  


Like Progressive, GEICO hardly needs to sell its brand anymore as many recognize the brand name and slogan. However, that doesn’t prevent GEICO from finding clever ways to appeal to different audiences. 

The commercial features a new-home–owner couple who love everything about their home, except their rat problem. The twist is that their “rat problem” is actually a reference to Ratt, the heavy metal band from the 80s and 90s. However, they’re willing to overlook the issue because of how easy GEICO makes bundling their home and car insurance.  

By focusing on the couple’s new home and capturing the attention of young, new homeowners, and also referencing Ratt, GEICO easily grabbed the attention of two demographics at once.  


Fair warning: this commercial will put you in your feels.  

In light of COVID-19, many companies adjusted their messaging to fit the trending idea: “We’re all in this together.” However, despite the intended sentiment, some individuals were left feeling more isolated than others, especially new mothers and high-risk individuals.  

Facebook took the meaning of “we’re all in this together” to a whole new level by creating this advertisement with these individuals in mind. It tells a story of hope, ensuring new mothers across the globe that they’re not alone. Overall, the ad was a sentimental reminder that even in the age of social distancing, Facebook can help us stay connected. 

There you have it–MCG’s favorite advertisements for Spring 2020. Have a favorite that we missed or want to share your thoughts with us? Tag us on social media!