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The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Web Design

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Web Design

Whether you are starting a new business or revamping an old website, selecting the right color scheme is crucial to a professional message being received correctly by consumers. If your color scheme is not visually or psychologically appealing, consumers may overlook content on your website or leave the website altogether for one that may be more visually appealing.

Psychologically Appealing?

Yes, you read that correctly. Choosing colors for a website or business is not just about choosing colors you like; the colors should strengthen the branding of your business. By thinking about color combination as both a science (visualizing how colors work together literally) and as an art (knowing what certain colors symbolize and how they are read by the consumer emotionally and internally), the desired color combination for your website design can be achieved.

Selecting your color scheme

Color has the ability to create ideas, express messages, generate interest and spark emotion. Bright or loud colors aim to set a positive or happy mood, whereas dark colors tend toward the opposite. In the psychology of color, warm colors lean toward exhibiting optimism, excitement and creativity while cooler colors symbolize peace, calmness, and harmony (hence Facebook and Twitter’s color schemes). It is also true that specific colors hold a universal message. Red universally symbolizes “warning” or “hazard” and green symbolizes “go” or “enter,” but put together, most people would associate the combination with Christmas. The easiest method of choosing color combinations is mix comparable colors to see if they work well together. Colors can be combined in business and website design from the same color palette or from opposite ones, but it is important to remember that a color palette combination should not be too bright, too dark, or distract from the content.

While selecting a color scheme may seem complicated, color is a powerful tool when building a successful business or website. Use color to help your business stand out and connect with consumers. For more information about selecting and creating a powerful color scheme for your business, contact our graphic and web designers here at Morris Creative Group.