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Weight Coaching Practice Offers Different Approach to Weight Loss; Helps Women Succeed in New Year

Weight Coaching Practice Offers Different Approach to Weight Loss; Helps Women Succeed in New Year

Weight Loss Journey is a 6-week group course that offers the tools and support to help women move beyond past struggles with weight. This course provides discussion and training in emotional eating, nutrition, stress reduction techniques (such as breathing, meditation, and gentle yoga exercises), as well as cognitive behavioral therapy. All gentle yoga postures are modified for larger women and chair yoga is an option at every class. Each of the 6 weekly sessions is 90 minutes and is led by Registered Dietitian, Siri Khalsa-Zemel; Certified Personal Trainer Frederic Leyd; and/or Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Freida Herron. The cost is $250 for the 6-week course or $100 for existing individual clients.

“Weight loss really is a journey, a new way of living. It’s not a new year’s resolution, and it’s not a pre-packaged food plan. One of the things that sets Women’s Way apart is our focus on a holistic approach to weight loss, involving the body, of course, but also the mind and the spirit,” said Siri Khalsa-Zemel, founder and partner. “We offer a safe place for women to begin to address weight issues that may have affected their quality of life for a very long time.”

Freida Herron, partner, added, “There are many issues surrounding weight gain and weight loss. One often overlooked aspect is the psychological implications of being overweight. I know from personal experience. At Women’s Way, we unpack the feelings and beliefs surrounding weight issues so that we can begin to plan a healthy approach that will be successful over time.”

The January 2010 Weight Loss Journey Course is currently open and accepting new women. Sessions will be on Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm or Friday afternoons at 3pm and will begin on January 13th or 17th, respectively. All sessions are held at Women’s Way Weight Management Coaching, L&N Station Building, 3rd Floor, 401 Henley Street. Pre-registration is required. Space is limited and fills on a first come, first serve basis.

Weight Loss Journey Courses are held quarterly at Women’s Way. The 2010 schedule is: Week of January 11th to Week of February 15th; Week of April 12th to Week of May 17th; Week of July 12th to Week of August 16th; and Week of November 1st to Week of December 8th.

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About Women’s Way Weight Management Coaching

Founded in 2008, Women’s Way Weight Management Coaching is a safe place that helps women lose weight through comprehensive training and support using a mind-body-spirit approach.

The mission of Women’s Way is to guide each woman to a healthy weight through education and empowerment to make changes in habits, choices and coping. Women’s Way fosters a philosophy of mind-body-and spirit integration, recognizing that healthy weight management goes a lot further than simply numbers on a scale. At Women’s Way, each woman is unique and outcomes are based on her personal goals as well as her individual metabolism, food preferences, and lifestyle.

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