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Who Are These Digital Moms?

Who Are These Digital Moms?

For marketers, mothers represent a very familiar buyer persona. It’s no secret moms spend more time online than any other internet user population. But what kind of opportunities are there for a business to market to digital moms?  

Why they’re special? 

In 2017, American moms spend more time on social media and the internet in general than on any other media outlet. Moms find daily support and a convenient escape from their busy lives through social media. According to Edison Research, moms spent an average of three and a half hours per day on social media. Moms are also the mostly likely town a smartphone and use it for both social media and online shoppingIn other words, household purchases depend primarily on mothersmaking them the perfect target audience for social media marketing campaign. Perhaps it’s time to consider whether you’re selling a product to the right person in a household

What do you need to know about this buyer persona?

Mothers ages 44 and younger with children younger than 18 currently represent 71 percent of all US moms. Notably, these moms grew up in a tech-savvy, post-internet world. Already accustomed to and reliant on digital consumerism, modern moms will become eager patrons with the right approach.

This year, 93% of moms stated they use some type of social networking website or service daily. Yes, moms love Facebook. However, they also use Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat (just in case you doubted whether your brand should have one or all of these platforms). These social networking websites are excellent tools for generating leads.

So why do mothers spend so much time on the internet during their busy weekly schedule? What makes them surf through Facebook for an hour or so during their quiet free time? According to Pew Research Center80 percent of moms strongly or somewhat agree they garner support through social networking. Mothers enjoy sharing knowledge and skills related to parenting through social media.  Some moms even share their experience through blogging and receive support from many followers across various platforms. 

Through social media, mothers connect not only with their children, but a vast network of actual friends. And because mothers are likely to react on social media, their posts hold the potential to provide organic marketing.

Some things to consider when marketing to a mother are easy-to-use services and on-the-go products. Mothers are heavy multitaskers, so intuitive products or services that save time are in demand.

If mothers are one of your buyer personas, we encourage you to rethink your online marketing strategies to provide the most compelling solutions to this audience.