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ZDI Introduces Patented Proton Therapy & Radiation Therapy Positioning Devices to Radiation Oncology Market

ZDI Introduces Patented Proton Therapy & Radiation Therapy Positioning Devices to Radiation Oncology Market

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ZDi Solutions, LLC announced today that it will soon market its Z-System™ patient positioning devices to proton therapy and conventional radiation therapy facilities in the U.S., with plans to collaborate worldwide. The system is comprised of the Z-Box™, Z-Square™ and Z-Tilt™. The team from ZDi will be attending the annual meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO 2016) in Boston September 24-27 to demonstrate the technology.

Said John Hawkins, CEO, “We are very excited to introduce this product to the radiation oncology community. We believe it represents a breakthrough in more accurate immobilization of patients and this, ultimately, translates to better cancer treatment outcomes.”


The devices were developed by Zachary Dutton, R.T. (R)(T), Chief Design Officer of ZDi, who saw a need for strong, lightweight, positioning devices. Dutton explained, “Although moldable technology has improved, it can be difficult to work with as therapists navigate the positioning bag and the patient. Several hands are needed to assist in complex cases involving the thoracic and abdominal regions. A device was needed that would take the place of those extra hands. Additionally, many of these setups present a challenge for patients who are unable to hold both arms above their head.” Dutton also factored the strength of the immobilization device into his design.

The Z-Box, the custom supportive piece of the Z-System, is a winged apparatus used during immobilization foam mold fabrication, most often during CT simulation. The Z-Box is fully adjustable to any arm position and has side “wings” on the board which operate on a hinge that can be raised or lowered to the desired height to fully support the patient’s arms. The adjustable extension under the hands and forearms can be locked in to the appropriate height. These adjustments not only support the patient in a comfortable position but also create a deep mold for the cradle. This deep mold provides an accurate casting around the patient’s arms. This exact reproducibility of the arm position is one of the most important factors in treatment alignment for proton therapy.410871

ZDi has successfully tested the device at the Provision Center for Proton Therapy in Knoxville, TN.

Cheryl Turner, M.A., R.T. (R)(T), ZDi’s Chief Learning Officer, said, “ZDi has invented the only product line in the world that ensures the patient is positioned within 2mm of their original treatment plan, thereby assuring precise radiation dose delivery to the tumor treatment site. This revolutionary system consists of the only specialized products that exist for immobilizing and aiding in patient positioning which decreases patient exposure risk while also limiting the liability for facilities which treat with proton therapy or conventional radiation therapy.”

Hawkins added, “This technology is needed by every cancer treatment center as a way better standardize patient set-ups and ensure that tumor sites receive optimal dosage. Our devices do just this and provide therapists straightforward methods to create patient treatment molds that are consistent, safe, and accurate every time.”

Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, ZDi Solutions, LLC is an innovative patient positioning and immobilization device manufacturer in the radiation oncology market. The company has developed a line of unique patient-centered products that allow the radiation therapist/proton therapist to more efficiently and precisely prepare patients for different modalities of imaging and treatment. The Z-System™ devices increase the accuracy and constancy of the patient’s position for reduced risk to the patient during treatments. They also decrease liability for facilities, while providing better patient outcomes. More information may be found at

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John Hawkins, CEO, ZDi Solutions, LLC

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