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ZDi Solutions, LLC Approved for Maximum SBA Loan Available

ZDi Solutions, LLC Approved for Maximum SBA Loan Available

Knoxville, TN (February 20, 2017)ZDi Solutions, LLC announced today that it has been approved for a Small Business Association Loan at the maximum allowable amount per government guidelines.

The company, which announced FDA approval for its patented proton therapy and conventional radiation therapy devices in November, plans to use the capital from the loan to finish its first round of production. Once this step is complete, ZDi will be able to begin shipping their Z-System devices and start generating a new stream of revenue for the company.

Tim Sykes, EVP Finance, ZDi Solutions

Tim Sykes, EVP Finance, ZDi Solutions, LLC

The Z-System provides an innovative and revolutionary patient positioning unit to the Proton Therapy and conventional Radiation Therapy markets. The unique add-on line of patient-centered products allow for greater efficiency and accuracy in simulation and treatment set-ups, allowing for increased quality and decreased liability. The Z-System is the first of its kind to specifically target the needs and circumstances of proton therapy staffs and patients while demonstrating to be beneficial for conventional radiation therapy treatments. The initial products of the line aim to allow for best practices in patient positioning of the breast and thoracic areas; follow-up devices will focus on other anatomical regions and will operate cooperatively within the system.

“Receiving approval for this loan is a huge step for our company’s future,” said Tim Sykes, EVP Finance, of ZDi Solutions. “It’s great to know that we have the full support of the Small Business Administration as our business continues to expand,” he continued.

John Hawkins, CEO, ZDi Solutions, LLC

John Hawkins, CEO of ZDi Solutions, said, “The experts we’ve spoken with in the oncology industry since receiving FDA approval have shown a deep interest in ZDi and our devices. This loan will allow us to reach a wider audience more quickly than we initially expected and help us explore international markets in Asia and India.”


Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, ZDi Solutions, LLC is an innovative patient positioning and immobilization device manufacturer in the radiation oncology market. The company has developed a line of unique patient-centered products that allow the radiation therapist/proton therapist to more efficiently and precisely prepare patients for different modalities of imaging and treatment. The Z-System™ devices increase the accuracy and constancy of the patient’s position for reduced risk to the patient during treatments. They also decrease liability for facilities, while providing better patient outcomes. More information may be found at

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