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10 Inspirational Women in Design

10 women designers

10 Inspirational Women in Design

It’s officially Women’s History Month and to celebrate, we’ve curated a list of 10 designers that have impacted the landscape of graphic design forever. Unlike Rosa Bertoli’s article for Wallpaper, where 18 of the 20 graphic designers recognized as ‘pioneering creatives,’ are men, this list is only composed of women.

It’s striking how often men’s greatness is documented, while women’s stories go untold or are overshadowed by their male counterparts. According to the AIGA Design Census, women make up a little more than half of the workforce in graphic design, and data published from the US Census Bureau  says equal pay continues to be an issue.

While there is truth to acknowledge, celebrating the stories of women who have disrupted the industry and continue to leave their legacy are crucial for the future of design professionals.

Delightfully, let’s begin with Irma Boom, the ‘Queen of Books.’

Irma Boom – Queen of Books
“The books polarized the design community. They won all the awards and a Best Book Award, my first one. In the jury report they mentioned ‘a brilliant failure’. Suddenly people knew who I was. I realized negative publicity has an enormous impact, more than positive publicity” (Summer 2014 Eye Magazine).

Dec 15, 1960, Lochem, The Netherlands

AKI Academy of Art and Design

MoMA Highlights: 375  |  Centre Pompidou: Rencontre avec Irma Boom

April Greiman – Queen of ‘California New Wave’
“Her and Odgers work together was colorful, layered, geometric—often playing with space, perspective, and dimension. Typography was put on the diagonal and flat images receded into space.” Greiman was one of the first to embrace technology and its role in design. (03.30.23 Adobe Express)

September 10, 1948, New York City

Kansas City Art Institute
Basel School of Design

1998 AIGA Medalist  |  IDSGN: Design Blog  |  UDIT Video 

Other Notable Designers
Paula Scher – Most Influential
Jane Davis Doggett – Airport Wayfinding Systems
Bea Feitler – Harper’s Bazaar Magazine and Racial Equality
Carolyn Davidson – Nike Swoosh Logo
Deborah Sussman – 1984 LA Olympics Branding
Jessica Walsh – Ladies, Wine & Design Founder
Sylvia Harris – Public Spaces and Accessibility
Zuzana Licko – Émigré Graphics and Typographer