How Paid Digital Advertising Reaches your Target Audience

How Paid Digital Advertising Reaches your Target Audience

As you spend time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or nearly every other social media platform, you probably notice advertisements that are oddly targeted to match your consumer profile. Through digital advertisements (like on Facebook or Instagram), business organizations are able to pay money to reach a specific audience by setting the location, age, gender, and interests they are looking for. By doing this, a business can make itself more visible on a controlled budget.  

The most valuable aspect of using digital advertising is that you can create your target audience based on specific demographics and interests. When it comes to spending money, you want to be sure you’re using your dollar wisely to reach your ideal customer. Digital ad targeting allows you to do just that. While there is no guarantee digital advertisements will bear life-changing results, it is a more effective way to place your brand in front of the right people at the right time. In fact, 52% of all brand discovery happens over social media.

For example, let’s say a pediatrics practice in Knoxville is trying to reach new parents. To make their target audience narrower or broader, they can select the exact location, age range, gender, and interests most likely to need their services.  

Gender: All genders 
Age: 18-35 
Locations: Within a 40-mile radius of Knoxville 
Interests: New Parents, Parents with Toddlers, Health, Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Family, Parenting, Infant, Newborn Screening, Pregnancy, Baby Shower, etc. 

Once the target audience is set, Facebook will estimate the potential campaign and daily reach based on the criteria and selected budget. In this scenario, Facebook estimates that the campaign will reach an estimated 981-2,800 people daily, with an overall potential reach of 170,000 people.  

Overall, creating digital advertisements, a specific target audience, and implementing a retargeting campaign only scratches the surface of digital ads’ capabilities. Although making your brand visible is crucial, we know it can be a difficult task to take on digital advertisement campaigns. At MCG, we are dedicated to forming strategies that help you see a return on your investment. Ready to reap the benefits of a digital ad campaign? Let’s talk. We’d love to help.