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Now Trending in The Social Realm

Now Trending in The Social Realm

Even though Facebook and Twitter are still dominating social media, there are a few contenders that have been breaching the social sphere. While Facebook and Twitter have no plans of leaving the market soon, it is still worth knowing the upcoming stars.

Medium was created by those guys who also founded something known as Twitter. The idea of Medium is something similar to Twitter except users are not limited to 140 characters. Posting on Medium is not yet open to everyone, and is done like blogging without the task of having to create your own. Posts on Medium are separated by themes into “collections.” Users can also recommend content to others, or interact with writers through “notes.”

Just when we thought photo sharing had reached its peak, Flayvr was created to add an extra spin of organization. Instead of posting random photos, Flayvr automatically categorizes them with the date, time and places the pictures were taken. With a tagline of “just like life” Flayvr is allowing users to interact on an even more personal level— as if that were even possible.

Ever heard of Post Secret? If so, then you already have the idea of a new website called Whisper. Whisper is an iPhone app that allows users to post secrets anonymously in the form of an online postcard. Interactions can be made when users leave responses, send messages, or simply post a heart on favorite whispers.

The last (but not only) platform that social sponges need to look out for is MySpace. I know, it’s definitely not new and most people gave up on theirs years ago. The creators of MySpace have recently revamped their style to incorporate features of the current popular social networks. has a new horizontal layout with a heavy focus on images. The appeal of the new revisions is to engage users with musicians and upcoming artists. The new post limits will be similar to Twitter in that there’s a 150-character maximum. Though the changes haven’t been as highly reviewed since back in the day, there are still some remnants of potential; Justin Timberlake is an investor, after all.