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What’s the Buzz on the Super Bowl Commercials of 2015

What’s the Buzz on the Super Bowl Commercials of 2015

After last year’s ads, Axe’s “Make Love, Not War” and Microsoft’s illustration of the power of technology that was focused on Steven Gleason (a former NFL player living with Lou Gehrig’s disease) that touched the hearts of millions, expectations are high for this year’s ads. This year, a 30-second spot is an eye-popping $4 million while a 60-second spot goes for a jaw-dropping $8 million, so advertisers put in a lot of hard work for the seconds they get on the air. Loctite will be making their Super Bowl debut and putting their entire budget into one Super Bowl ad for the year of 2015 instead of the three national TV ads they did in 2014. Companies are seeing the short and longterm benefits of this investment and jumping in.

There are 15 new advertisers who will be making their Super Bowl debut, the most first-timers since Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000. With this comes the challenge of introducing a new product while entertaining the audience, because we all know that the Super Bowl advertisements have a solid reputation to uphold. The newcomers also have to compete with veteran advertisers like Coca-Cola, Bud Light, Nationwide, and many others. So who is going to make their mark this year among the first-timers? Keep an eye out for Mophie — a brand selling portable smartphone chargers — who will play up the drama of the panic and frustration of how someone feels when their cell phone dies. This one is expected to make an impression on everyone.

There are many more ads to watch for from the veteran advertisers. The company with the most ad slots and the biggest campaign will be Anheuser-Busch InBev — the brewing company that makes Budweiser and Bud Light. Budweiser will be pulling at America’s heartstrings with an adorable puppy who needs to be found throughout the Super Bowl using #BestBuds. Here’s a clip of what to expect:

Bud Light will also be continuing their “ReadyForWhatever” campaign, and this year they will be using a real-life game of PacMan.

Other Super Bowl veterans to watch out for are Mercedes-Benz with their high-octane version of Aesop’s classic story, “The Tortoise and the Hare”:

GoDaddy is back with their golden retriever, Buddy, who will be live tweeting throughout the game from his own Twitter account, Nissan will be playing up the theme of fatherhood, Kia is showcased with their cinematic commercial featuring Pierce Brosnan and Nationwide pairs with Mindy Kaling that acts as a consumer feeling invisible until she comes across an employee of Nationwide.

The commercials of Super Bowl XLIX sound like they will be an impressive group of ones to watch, so stay tuned.