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Google Yourself

Google Yourself

I Googled (that this is now recognized by most of us as a word is funny to me) myself today and found some interesting things. I like to pretend that all of the Chuck Morrises around the world are really just my alter egos — that if I had been born under a different star at a different time and place I might have been someone entirely different — one of THESE someones. Now, whether these are Good Chucks or Evil Chucks I don’t know. Personally, I try to use my powers for Good.

So, Googling, I found that my alter egos (the “Other” Chucks) are a pastor, a pastor’s son, a realtor, a fairly prominent music mogul in Denver, a painter, a financial adviser, a really angry teenager on MySpace, lots of people who don’t know how to spell Chuck Norris, a professor of literature in Boston, a blues singer, a football player (halfback), a Clear Channel media executive, a high school football coach, etc. The list goes on and on. It’s fascinating to me.

So, Google yourself. Know what’s online about you. Monitor it occasionally. When it comes to marketing, it can work for you or against you.

Entreprenuer magazine has a nice article on this: