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Will Marketers who don’t use Facebook Live or Video be Left Behind?

Will Marketers who don’t use Facebook Live or Video be Left Behind?

Many people see change approaching and start running in the opposite direction. However, to be a successful marketer or salesperson, it is important to welcome change with open arms and start running with it.

According to Hubspot’s 2016 State of Inbound report, marketers believe that multimedia platforms, such as Facebook Live and video, have the potential to disrupt the world of content creation.

Adding multimedia platforms to an inbound marketing plan allows for content to be decentralized. This brings a wider range of opportunity for consumers to find your content through the channel that appeals to them the most. Hubspot’s survey revealed that, out of the 4,500 marketers and salespeople surveyed, 39% plan to add Facebook Live video to their marketing efforts during 2017.

It’s good to know that marketers and salespeople are planning to implement Facebook Live and video into their plans, but why does it matter?

  • Facebook Live videos are watched 3 times longer than regular videos
  • Videos posted on Facebook have 13% organic reach and 6.3% engagement rate (other platforms only provide 1-3%)


These Facebook Live and video posts not only allow consumers to view content in a platform that they already use, but it is another way to drive them to your blogs and website.

Adding these new multimedia channels may sound intimidating, but the content doesn’t have to be any different from what your team is creating now. This new platform addition is not about nixing current marketing strategies, but enhancing blog posts to make them more effective. Marketers can simply take their blog posts that have seen the most success and format them into multimedia platforms.

Success is seen by understanding changing consumer habits and molding marketing strategy to best suit these changes. Inbound marketing is constantly evolving with the needs of consumers, and nurturing those needs is the only way to stay in their minds.

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