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A Snapchat is Worth 1000 Words

A Snapchat is Worth 1000 Words



But First…Let Me Take A Selfie

The selfie craze has been taking over the internet as well as the attention of the millennial generation. With a rise in a new trend, comes a rise in the creativity needed for advertisers to incorporate that trend into their messaging. The most successful company to date to leverage this trend to their advantage is Snapchat. For those who have been living under a rock for this past year, Snapchat is the reason why you can look around in any public place (ei: bus, waiting rooms, coffee shops etc…), and notice that 80% of young people are making faces at their phone.

Snapchat:Perfect For Millenials

What does that have to do with advertising? Well, Snapchat decided to include an option that would allow its users to add filters to their beloved selfies, and advertisers have jumped on this opportunity. At first, the creators of snapchat had filters that could make you look like a dog, one where it looked like you could vomit rainbow, or even a panda.


Snapchat Ad for Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

These filters received such positive feedback, it was time to make some money off of this idea.Snapchat has created filters that promote movies such as StarWars, and Finding Dory, as well as events like the 2016 NBA Finals. There is a different advertisement almost every day, and today’s advertisement is Urban Decay Vice Lipstick. This filter adds different color lipstick and other makeup to your selfie to promote Urban Decay’s new product.

So What’s The Catch?

These advertisements are perfectly directed towards the technology crazed millennial, but other than that, there is not much targeting going on. It will cost a company a pretty penny, but not many metrics can be drawn from this chosen media outlet. This is certainly not to say that it is not effective among the millennial generation, but if you’re looking to target a specific segment, a snapchat ad may not be for your product. For more information on the steps that your brand might need to take to see if this is the choice for you, here is another helpful blogpost!