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Google Analytics 4: What This Update Means for Marketing

Google Analytics 4: What This Update Means for Marketing

Google is constantly striving to shape the future of measurement and data organization. And they’ve done it again. GA4, the newest version of Google Analytics, is fully optimized to suit your data collection and organization needs. Let’s dive into what this new update entails and how your business benefits. If you can’t tell, we’re excited. 

According to Google, GA4 is designed to: 

  • Collect both website and app data to better understand your target market 
  • Use events instead of session-based data 
  • Include privacy controls such as cookieless measurement, and behavioral and conversion modeling 
  • Predictive capabilities offer guidance without complex models 
  • Direct integrations to media platforms to help drive actions 

Universal Analytics is coming to an end. But don’t worry. 

Since the update was announced, news has been circulating that your data will get lost if you don’t update immediately. Let’s clear the air. Your data is secure and not going anywhere.  According to Google, here’s what’s really going to happen. On July 1st, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will no longer process data. This means that new data will only flow into GA4 properties after this date. So, if you’re utilizing Google Analytics, it’s time to upgrade. You know what they say – out with the old and in with the new! If this all sounds complex – don’t worry – Google has provided users with a comprehensive step-by-step guide  

How your business benefits from this change 

GA4 is here to stay, so let’s discuss how you’ll benefit from its features. While GA4 is of course optimized to better organize your data and improve workflow efficiency, the most impactful way it helps you is through what’s called improved customer journey tracking. GA4 will now generate Lifecycle reports that will, in turn, show you the stages of the customer journey: acquisition, engagement, monetization, and retention. Your business will be able to clearly define and target your audience and reach them at the right time. These reports will help develop more successful marketing campaigns with data-driven strategies. Marketers everywhere are rejoicing!  

The launch of GA4 also includes an ‘Analysis Hub’ which is now available for free for all users. You will be able to dive deeper into user behaviors and find insights that go above and beyond just a general report. This hub provides helpful tools such as path analysis where you will uncover the most common navigation paths taken by users across your site and figure out what they interact with the most. It’s time to take your data to the next level. 

Still have questions or concerns?  

We get it. It feels like we have a new update or algorithm change thrown at us every week. Don’t fret, though. The MCG team stays on top of the latest news and trends. In fact, we’re Google certified!  Let’s discuss the modern marketing solutions your business deserves. Give us a ring at (865)-637-9869 or get in touch through our website to learn more.